Maintenance of Competence Training

Strategic Corporate Training has developed training programs to assist individuals and mine sites in meeting the Maintenance of Competence Scheme for Practising Certificates introduced by the NSW Resources Regulator.

The scheme is designed to keep the knowledge and skills up-to-date of individuals who hold a practising certificate to exercise specific statutory functions under the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) legislation.

Practising certificates have a condition requiring the holder to participate in the gazetted maintenance of competence scheme. Specific learning requirements must be met before a practising certificate can be renewed by the NSW Resources Regulator, which includes completing a required total amount of recognised learning in areas of competence over the five year period of their certificate.

The main objectives of Strategic’s programs, which are customised for clients to be site specific, are to:

  • Understand and apply Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws in relation to the work they are responsible for

  • Have knowledge of the latest approaches to managing principal hazards and implementing critical controls in mining operations

  • Keep up to date on current and emerging health and safety issues in mining operations

Areas of competence covered in Strategic's training programs which apply to the scheme are:

  1. Mining and WHS systems

  2. Legislation

  3. Emergency management

  4. Leadership and management

  5. General WHS topics

For more information on how Strategic can assist in meeting the Maintenance of Competence Scheme requirements, contact us on 1300 153 249 or